MTSU Film Guild Partners with DCS for the Guild's First Documentary

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Image credit: Youtube

    Fostering Hope is the first official documentary created by the Middle Tennessee State University Film Guild. The Guild partnered with the Department of Childrens Services in order to create a much needed documentary explaining how foster care is needed in the state of Tennessee.

Recent MTSU graduate Giovanna Gomez came to the Film Guild in December with the idea for the video and the results have been wonderful and are only growing. The publicity for the documentary has continued to rise since its release. The Tennessean released an article about the documentary shortly after the release.

"The movie, "Fostering Hope," shows foster kids talking about what family means to them, and foster parents discussing why they decided to step forward to take in vulnerable children. Tennessee has a high demand for foster parents because there were 8,096 kids in state custody as of this week. That number has grown in recent years, up from fewer than 6,000 a few years ago." - Tony Gonzalez of the Tennessean

The attention the documentary has recieved has been wonderful for both the foster care system in Tennessee as well as the students who helped create the documentary within the Film Guild.