Switching to Digital Projection

Theaters are in the process of switching over to digital projection.  As one kickstarter page put it,


 "Hollywood is forcing all theaters to upgrade to digital projection as the era of 35mm film comes to an end in early 2013!"


Theaters are appealing to crowd-source funding in order to stay afloat as they endure $100,000+ bills in order to switch to digital projection.  What that means for consumers is a better theater experience - high quality digital projection at various frame rates (although 24fps is still recommended by the DCI).

So how can an independent theater offset the cost of this change outside of crowd sourcing?  One idea is to start an Indie Night where the theater projects local film maker's movies.  Independent films often have select theater screening anyways - you my as well make a big deal out of it.  Those films will only be screened in a few theaters out of the entire world - that's something to think about.

Plus, the only thing better than a million dollar advertising budget is a passionate film maker with access to social media.  No film maker is going to let their masterpiece go screened without a packed theater.  

So how can the indie theater benefit from this?  First, help promote the indie film night via social media and advertisments posted at the theater.  This let's the community know that you, as a theater, are involved.  That's important - it builds brand loyalty.  Second, split admission costs with the independent film makers that screen that night.  Pick a percentage that is reasonable and fair for both parties, and profit from the film maker's ability to campaign their movie - packing your theater and ravaging your concession stands.

So how can Creative DCP help?  Well, here at CDCP we love independent film makers.  Most of us that work here are independent movie makers ourselves - so we know how hard it can be to find a production budget - let alone a distribution budget.  What we can offer is an enormous discount to the independent film makers that screen at your theaters.  Digital projection requires a Digital Cinema Package - and that's our specialty.

If you're interested in partnering with Creative DCP to help your theater create the best Indie Film Night possible - get in touch, we'd love to chat - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.