How Do I Create a DCP?

"How do I make a DCP?", the founder of the 54 Film Fest in Knoxville, TN asked himself.  James was a college student with big dreams.  He had competed in various film festivals over the years and always found one reason or another to be disappointed with them; primarily they all screened in theaters that had low quality projection and sound systems.  He recalled one year his production team forged a pretty terrible horror film that truly relied on its sound design to actually get a scare out of audiences.  

Unfortunately, the theater his film was screened in didn't have a subwoofer.  On top of that, it didn't have good stadium seating, and most importantly - it lacked DCI compliant digital projectors!

Learning from other film festival's mistakes, James set out to host the first TN timed film competition to use quality digital projection.  As such, in the Summer of 2011, Carmike Cinemas became an official community partner of the 54 Film Fest, and with it came Christie digital projectors and DCI servers.

At the time he didn't know what a DCP was, but knew he had to find a way to have his entries turned into them if he was going to keep Carmike as a community partner and fulfil his dream of having a quality screening experience for his film competition.

Though James had big dreams, he had small pockets.  Unfortunately, some professional Digital Cinema Package creation was out of his price range.  He received quotes between $2500 and $4000 for a 90 minute screening.  On the flip side, he received unbelievably low quotes too, and after a bit more research he found out these suppliers had an inferior product.  You get what you pay for.

Worst of all, none of the companies he researched offered a solution to a film competition's needs - namely, James received all sorts of aspect ratios and frame setting (even a few 25fps!) entries.  He needed something else, something better.  He needed a company that was both professional and affordable.  

He finally found Creative DCP - the official DCP supplier of the 54 Film Fest; the first successful time film festival in TN to use DCI projection.  Now James doesn't have to worry about the quality of his festival's projection - Creative DCP has his back.